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August 2015 Newsletter

Article – Achieve Your Goals in 3 Easy Steps Have you ever had a goal that you just couldn’t seem to gain ground on? You really worked hard at achieving it by investing the time, at least you thought you did, but it just remained out of reach? What did you do? If you’re like most,…

July 2015 Newsletter

Article – Anti-Aging is a Fraud.  Functional Aging is the Future. Author: Jonathan Tait, D.O., owner/operator Rejuv Medical Southwest, author of The Pain Free Diet A 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. Individually these are astounding feats of physical fitness and endurance. Collectively and consecutively done in a single day, those…

June 2015 Newsletter

Article – Optimize Your Health with Solid Post-Workout Nutrition Optimal health is achieved through the following tried and true formula. First, we must get adequate sleep. Seven to nine hours continues to be the most recognized gold standard. Second, we need to laugh often and smile lots. Both increase production of stress reducing hormones and improve…

May 2015 Newsletter

Article – The Real Life Saver: Fiber What if I told you that I could lower your risk for any form of cardiovascular disease by 17%, your risk of cancer by 9%, drop your chance of dying from coronary heart disease by 20%, and ischemic heart disease (a disease characterized by reduced blood supply to the…

April Newsletter

Article – Sarco What? One of the greatest tragedies I see amongst our aging population is an acceptance that they can’t do something because of their age. Let’s get something understood right away. Age does not by itself limit our abilities to do whatever we want. How we age does. Now repeat that again and…

March Newsletter

Share the Love Month – Client Referral Challenge Winner is…. Congratulations Jenifer Halvey, enjoy the Fabulous Prize of a two night get-away to Sedona! Introducing our newest team member – Mary Maher Mary first earned a BS Biology with Honors, and a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and…

February 2015

Share the Love Month – Client Referral Challenge We are excited to announce The Share the Love Month Challenge.  It’s easy to participate, just refer a new client to BodyBasics in the month of February and you will be entered to win a fabulous prize! Ready….the Fabulous Prize is a two night get-away to Sedona!…

January 2015

Gift Certificates ~ Best Gift Ever! Who doesn’t want to move better, feel better and live better? It’s not too late to give your friends and family health and happiness that can get them going in a favorable direction for 2015!  BodyBasics gift certificates are available at the studio in any denomination you feel would…

Exercise, Some Motivation Required

The other day I was given a magnet by one of our amazing clients.On the magnet was a picture of a T-Rex chasing a person with the caption “Exercise, Some Motivation Required”. Now this magnet really spoke to me because of who was chasing whom. And it got me further thinking about how metaphoric the…

December 2014

Gift Certificates ~ Best Gift Ever! Who doesn’t want to move better, feel better and live better? Give your friends and family health and happiness that can last a lifetime.  BodyBasics gift certificates are available at the studio. Make this the year you give the gift of life long health and fitness to someone you love. Article…

Plan for Your Dive, Dive With Your Plan

If you’ve ever been scuba diving, something I have yet to do personally, you probably learned this. One of our clients who is an experienced scuba diver drew a relationship between the idea of planning ahead and then sticking to your plan for scuba with setting a fitness goal and then setting out to  achieve it. I loved…

November 2014

Article – Bring Out Your Inner Superhero This past Halloween, as costume after cute kid hiding costume showed up at my front door, I started thinking about heart health and this article. Okay, those of you who know me well understand that I’m thinking about stuff like that pretty much all of the time! But…

4 Tips for Finding the Right Trainer for You

If your idea of quality involves braving one of countless hiking trails, participating in annual events such as the Arizona Distance Classic, playing golf and tennis at the El Conquistador Country Club, or living out your love for baseball on one of several Oro Valley softball teams, you will decrease your risk of injury and increase your enjoyment of your chosen activities with the investment in a solid personal trainer. Here are five tips for finding the right one for you.

October 2014

Article – Age On Your Terms: 6 Aging Myths Debunked If you’ve been reading your newsletter each month this year, you know that our theme for this year is change. I want to continue with that focus in mind this month and discuss fallacies associated with aging. As coaches of the boomer generation and beyond, we…

Grow Old On Your Terms

When it comes to your body, you only get one. How you take care of it while you still are physically able will determine how you age. You may not know this so I’ll tell you. Past 30 years of age our body’s aging clock it set to gradually whittle away at our bones, muscles, lung capacity, heart efficiency, joint integrity and range of motion, and even our capacity for learning, to the tune of 30% loss or greater in muscle mass alone! That’s the difference between keeping your independence or not. So, if you’re ignoring exercise now thinking you can get to it “when you have more time” STOP. Read this and start aging on your terms.

Remember: Relationships First, Clients Second

oday was a reminder day for me. Those of you that know and love me will appreciate that I need reminders from time to time. You see, in the day to day responsibility of being a business owner, I get misdirected sometimes.

Give Thanks to Your Life Changers

This week I’ve been receiving this collection of emails from a great leader in my industry, Todd Durkin. These emails he’s sending are interesting because in them he provides glimpses and back stories of the top people in his life that have been life changing to him. So, it got me thinking about my life changers. Allow me to introduce you to one of my most pivotal life changers. This woman literally changed the course my life was on at the time, a course that was definitely headed for brokenness.

Better Everyday

I have a bracelet I wear on my left wrist that says “Better Everyday”. I received it from an amazing strength and conditioning coach who lives in Vancouver, Canada named Peter Twist. The guy has been a pioneer in the realm of strength and conditioning for greater than 25 years and is most known for his part in developing countless athletes for the NHL, a role he maintained for 11 years. I recently got to meet Peter Twist at a personal training conference I went to in the middle of August. That is where he gifted me my bracelet, along with 100+ others who did the workout he coached us through. Despite receiving countless other bracelets at that event, I continue to only wear his. His personal message of triumph despite a horrific diagnosis is why I continue to wear it.

Remember Recess?

To the average person exercise looks pretty close to torture. With all of the heavy breathing, stress to the body, and repeating of it all, I can appreciate why. However, I would like to share what I know exercise can also look like.

Strength in Numbers

When I started our concept of group training way back in the early 2000’s, I honestly did so primarily as a means to leverage both time and money. You see, I had pretty much met my limit for one on one clients yet I was dissatisfied with my total income. So I determined to put my best foot forward in developing a group exercise program that would appeal to my one on one style of training so I could recruit some of my individual clients into a group option. The win was less cost to them and more dollars per hour to me. My first group had 5 participants, 4 of which had been 1 on 1 clients just the week before. The strategy worked.
What I didn’t realize though was how much camaraderie and motivation a group environment could produce.

September 2014

Article – Keys to a Young and Vibrant Brain! Good news! After the age of 30, we’re programmed to lose around 4% of our muscle tissue every 10 years and after 40 years of age we start losing brain matter also. What? Okay, that isn’t the good news. But since I have your attention now,…

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