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The Pulse - Remember: Relationships First, Clients Second

Today was a reminder day for me. Those of you that know and love me will appreciate that I need reminders from time to time. You see, in the day to day responsibility of being a business owner, I get misdirected sometimes. I forget or undervalue staying connected with all of you who have invested so much financially, emotionally, and personally into my wellbeing over the years. So first, I will share what I did to someone else who loved me enough today to sit me down and express their concerns. I’m sorry. I mean it. I realize now how I can come across as more aggressive or even fanatical about some of my decision making. I am trying to feed everyone. That includes you as clients with the perfect programs in both our individual and group offerings. It encompasses our team, knowing that they have needs also and they have entrusted me as their boss in helping them realize them. And me and my family are certainly included in that as well.

So, if you care about me, about the business I want to continue to improve upon, and our relationships, some of which go back decades (and even 2 decades!) please speak up. If I am getting away from those values that connected us in the first place, I want to know.

Thank you to every single one of you that have contributed in so many ways to who I am and what I aspire to continue to be, your friend first.

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