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The Pulse - Remember Recess?

The other night I saw the funniest commercial I have seen in quite some time. Maybe you saw it also. It was a Subway commercial in which two characters are enjoying their food while discussing how they’re keeping fit. The one shares with the other this great program he’s been doing all summer called “Crop Fit” based on old style farming practices. The scenes were laugh out loud with highlights for me being the giant pumpkin flip and the manual field plowing. If you haven’t seen this commercial it’s worth checking out.

As I laughed out loud watching it, I got to thinking about what exercise must look like to the average person. I can appreciate I am definitely not representing the average person. I thrive on challenges and being pushed to find new limits. I love to sweat A LOT. Heavy weights make me happy. Definitely not average.

Remember recess? Running around, climbing, swinging on swings or other things, jumping from the high bar, playing jump rope with friends? You get the idea. You moved a lot. You sweat a lot. You were even known to breathe heavy. Yet you did it willingly and happily. Why? Because you did it to have fun, not to achieve a fitness goal.

So why can’t exercise be like that now? Let’s be clear. The effort has to be there for you to create change. But, as I just pointed out in the previous paragraph, you were putting out LOTS of effort at recess also.

Here is my promise to you. Do your part to maintain a healthy bodyweight so that you can move more freely and your workouts will start feeling and becoming more like recess and less like another arduous task that you know you have to do but don’t really want to do. It is really that simple!

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