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Having fun and working hard at the same time.
Having fun and working hard at the same time.

 I discovered in that first experience that in a very short time, my initial group ran for 6 weeks, strong bonds were made as we all sweated together and were challenged by each other. Of those first 5 group participants, 2 are even still clients today. That’s about 14 years later! 

If you are someone who knows you need to exercise, be it because your doctor recommended you do or you simply understand that you should, group training can be a great way to go. Their is something to be said for being surrounded by others, like you, who also know they need to exercise but have been challenged with actually getting to it on their own. Here are but a few perks of group that don’t happen in a one on one training session necessarily.

For one, when you step into the door for the first time to join an existing group session, you walk into an environment where those already participating find great joy in bringing in the newbie! No kidding! At BodyBasics it is so fun to observe our long standing group exercisers go out of their way to make a new person feel confident and loved. They will stop their exercise to aid instruction on your form, guide you to a station and make sure that you as the new person are set up properly. It is so rewarding to see our veterans pay it forward.

Group training also provides a design where you can be challenged to your level and have fun doing it. Again, having more than you affords variety in your training that cannot come as easily if you go it alone or in a private training session. For example, at BodyBasics we do partner exercises, team exercises, recess and other fun group oriented activities meant to get you in great shape while having fun with others.

Yet another benefit of group, at least at BodyBasics is variety. Exercise selection can get very boring, especially if you’ve been away from exercise for a while. You tend to pick familiar exercises and your list typically is not very long. So, what happens? You get bored of the same old thing real quick. We keep our programs fresh, while also ensuring that you are gaining mastery of the exercises you are learning. This is a tricky combo to pull off on your own. Our exercise programs have a rotation that ensures both mastery and freshness to our groups.

Last, and certainly not least, group done right can be a time saving way to lose weight, increase bone density and firm up muscle, improve your heart health, get you moving better through increased range of motion, and have fun! Truly! We have the results to prove it at BodyBasics. You see the number one reason anyone continues to come and workout year after year is ultimately results. All of the other benefits of group will start to lose their pizzazz if you are not actually making progress toward whatever goals you set out to accomplish. At BodyBasics we can guarantee them if you simply stick to the plan and have fun with others while doing it.

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