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The Pulse - Exercise, Some Motivation Required

The other day I was given a magnet by one of our amazing clients.On the magnet was a picture of a T-Rex chasing a person with the caption “Exercise, Some Motivation Required”. Now this magnet really spoke to me because of who was chasing whom. And it got me further thinking about how metaphoric the T-Rex was for this client. This guy was in a brutal car accident in 2013 that left him fearful of moving because he hurt so much, namely upper and lower back. Anything he did left him incapacitated and fearful of moving at all. Fast forward to now. The man is pain free and an absolute monster in the weight room with personal successes like working in the yard (we’re talking moving and hauling boulders around type of work) and being able to re-rack his mountain bike without sending his back into spasm. Why do I share all this with you?

He had a choice. He could have continued to run away from his T-Rex, all of the uncertainty, fear and anxiety he experienced when he exercised on his own. Or, he could turn and face all of that. Like the magnet depicts we’re motivated to exercise for various reasons. In his case he sought our expertise because he was tired of hurting. Whatever your motivation to exercise, find it. Whether fear  or pleasure, the end result will ultimately be a healthier and more confident version of you.

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