The Pulse - Plan for Your Dive, Dive With Your Plan

If you’ve ever been scuba diving, something I have yet to do personally, you probably learned this. One of our clients who is an experienced scuba diver drew a relationship between the idea of planning ahead and then sticking to your plan for scuba with setting a fitness goal and then setting out to  achieve it. I loved the comparison! Better yet, I loved the “aha” moment I saw him have as he drew the comparison.

We were talking about eating or not eating Halloween candy. He was talking about how he will only have a little. To which I asked him if a little stays a little or if it gradually becomes more. I then confessed my sins because I learned I had to go cold turkey on the stuff. I am like an addict personally. Once I get the taste of one piece of candy, one becomes 2, two becomes 4…You get the idea. So, I asked him the same. He concurred.

Why do I share this with you all? Because, I imagine the two of us are not alone. I’m sure many of you find yourself trying to only have a piece of candy or whatever other fill in the blank little indulgence you may like. If you can keep it to the little bit you intend to have, good for you. Enjoy. But, if you find yourself being triggered to add more and rationalizing yourself into why you can, STOP! Reexamine your plan and stay true to it. My plan is simple. I want to be an example to myself and others. Figure out yours and stick to it. Let it guide your decision to indulge or not.

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