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The Pulse - Movement = Life


IMG_1231[1]Movement is the foundation of our lives. This rang so true for me on recent trip with my son and the majority of his seventh grade class. I was one of several chaperones who got to experience the wondrous beauty of the Grand Canyon. It probably won’t come as a surprise to any of you when I tell you that our group of boys and other dads made it the furthest down below the rim at just around two miles. We blazed the trail as if some amazing prize was awaiting our receipt. Even more, we surprised our guide as we made it back up much faster than he anticipated!

If you’re like me, you’re thankful to be able to go and do on your own two feet. You appreciate being able to move with joints that are happy to do what you ask of them. You eat healthfully in order to nourish your body and to stave off killers to movement such as poor immune function, obesity, and ever present inflammation. You celebrate the life God has blessed you with.

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