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The Pulse - May/June 2005

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Welcome to the Crew Jason Litten!

Jason Litten photo

Jason Litten is the newest team member to Body Basics! If you are wondering about his last name being Litten yes, Jason is Chris’s brother. One look at Jason and you’ll see the resemblance.

Jason has been in the health and fitness industry for many years and brings a new aspect of training to Body Basics with his extensive knowledge of posture analysis and his Pilates experience.

Meet Our New Quarter Transformers

Michelle Heintz & Jonathan Katz

The Quarter Transformer challenge begins with a “before” picture, initial weigh in, circumference measurements, body fat measurements, and a goal-setting session. Nutritional guidance and extra training opportunities are additional perks to the challenge. At the end of each month our chosen participants will be re-measured to track his or her progress. These updates are put up on a designated wall hung poster board along with a picture for each of three consecutive months.

Michelle – I am 30 and work as a mortgage loan processor. Controlling my eating and not exercising is the whole problem. I have not been able to maintain any kind of program for any length of time, so I get discouraged and I quit. I go back to my old eating habits and lack of exercise and gain weight. I would like to improve my over all health, gain energy, and lose 20 lbs. I also want to lose a few dress sizes. I already feel very motivated and have been coming to Body Basics for two months now. So far we have discussed coming to workouts 4 times a week and then adding extra cardio 1 time. The picture is my biggest motivator because I really want to see improvements.

Jonathan – I am really excited to participate in the quarter transformer challenge. At 46 years old, it will be like having a mid-life makeover. I own my own business. Over the next 12 weeks my main objective is to change my current life style. With a consistent diet and exercise program I’m planning to lose 20 lbs of weight and reduce my body fat by 10% (1% for every 2 lbs of weight loss). If I can do that my waistline will naturally drop 2 or 3 inches, I’ll be leaner and more toned. I plan on working out with the 7:00 am group M-W-F, cardio on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and racquetball Mondays and Wednesdays. I will be keeping a food log. My diet will consist of 5 meals a day 1900 cal. I also want to improve my flexibility.

Stepping Out (May/June Events)

Your Trainers take you outside the studio for some extra fitness fun!

Client Appreciation BBQ – May

It’s that time again. The jackets are coming off, air conditioners are back on, and grills are firing up! Summer is just around the corner and we thought it would be a perfect time for a client appreciation event to get everyone together to celebrate. What exactly are we celebrating? That’s easy. We’re celebrating YOU — the clients of Body Basics. The Client Appreciation BBQ is Sunday, May 15th, @ 1:00p.m. Call for details if you are interested in joining us.


The 7th Annual Race for the Cure took place on April 10th. Money raised from the event goes toward breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We had a total of 30 people register as part of the Body Basics Crew and we raised a total of $350 towards continued research. About 23 showed up and we had participants in every event, with some even placing. Special congrats to Abi Burton for completing her first sponsored one mile walk with great success and to Sandra Heater for placing number one in her age category!

Thanks again to all of you and be sure to check the monthly calendar for upcoming Body Basics events!

Our Shining Stars!

The Cardio Star Chart takes off!

The second cardio star chart challenge lasted for two months with clients challenging themselves to either run or walk. There were friendly competitions that arose, and personal goals were set for both the runners and walkers. One very determined lady made it her goal to walk an hour a day! Despite a vacation and some unexpected physical challenges, she came very close to completing that hour a day which makes her our walking challenge winner. Congratulations to Patti Wylie for completing a whopping 57 hours of walking!

Two runners in particular were in fierce competition with one another. Each one would check the record binder and see what the other had done that day. That was enough motivation for the one to run further than the other just to get another star ahead. And in the end, one runner continued to challenge herself which resulted in a total of 84 miles over the past two months! Congratulations Suzette Gardner (now known as “The Machine”) for winning the running portion of the cardio star chart challenge! We are very proud of you — you deserve it!

Client Spotlight

Nelda Chimienti – May

February 2005 Client of the month photo

Nelda Chimienti has shown remarkable consistency with 2 consecutive months of perfect attendance 3 times a week! She is committed to her cardio work in between her sessions and it definitely shows in her overall improvement.

Having made exercise a part of her life for over 10 years, Nelda has shown her dedication to BodyBasics through the tremendous strides she has taken over the 2 months of working with us. She is feeling better, more energetic, less stressed, and is always in a cheerful mood at 8am!

In addition to her promise to herself and to us, she has been working to promote BodyBasics by referring 3 people in 2 months, one of which is her daughter, Katie, who is consistently attending the PowerLunch group training and loves making exercise a new part of her life. Nelda continues to encourage Katie by going on walks and hikes together to get in their extra cardio work.

Way to go Nelda! Keep it up! ~ Jenny, Cecile, & Chris

Abi Burton – June

March client of the month photo.

Abi Burton is an adorable person and a joy to train. We remember Abi coming to the gym a couple years ago with a wheelchair, and she now can compete in our cardio star chart and walk 30 minutes at once, something that would have been unthinkable last year. She is going to do the 1 mile walk at the Race for the Cure with some of us, and we are so proud of her. Abi is so dedicated and consistent, it’s amazing. She is always happy to be here among us and always pushes herself hard through the workouts.

Abi we love having you here, congratulations,

Cecile, Chris and Jenny

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires.

Keep Up the Great Work!

We are very proud of all of you!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason
Staff picture April 2005

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