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The Pulse - July/August 2005

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Quarter Transformers Update

The Quarter Transformer challenge begins with a before picture, initial weigh in, circumference measurements, body fat measurements, and a goal-setting session. Nutritional guidance and extra training opportunities are additional perks to the challenge. At the end of each month our chosen participants will be re-measured to track his or her progress. These updates are put up on a designated wall hung poster board along with a picture for each of three consecutive months.

Currently, Michelle Heintz and Jonathan Katz are in their 3rd and final month. Each has made great improvements in lowering their weight and body fat percentage. You can see for yourself in their pictures that are posted in the studio. Keep up the good work guys! We are here cheering you on every step of the way!!

Stepping Out (May/June Events)

Your Trainers take you outside the studio for some extra fitness fun!

Client Appreciation BBQ – May

The Client Appreciation BBQ was a hit! Clients got together to hang out, swim and eat some good grilled food! Thank you to Suzette Gardner for all of her help in organizing the event. And thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our appreciation of you our clients. You help make Body Basics what it is today, and we are very grateful.

These are pictures from the BBQ. If you would like any of these, please let one of us know and we can email the file to you. (To see large version click on any picture below).

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Our Shining Stars!

The Cardio Star Chart helps you succeed and have fun! We’re almost finished with the current cardio start chart challenge. Keep mixing up your cardio and getting those stars. The Hodge Podge Challenge officially ends July 9th. Lace up your shoes and grab your water as we will head into another fun challenge beginning July 23rd. Stay tuned for more details in studio or give us a call.

Hydration The secret to success in the desert

As the temperature continues to creep up, so does our basic need for water. But how much is enough? Is it better to sip down water all day or not? How do we know when we are properly hydrated? These are just a few of the many questions I hear from my clients.

In order to get you on track, let’s first start with learning how much water you need. The answer depends on how active you are. The more you sweat, the more you need to drink water. To get more specific, drink at least 64 80 ounces per day. This is the equivalent of 8 10 eight ounce glasses of water. Do not drink it in 8 10 eight ounce glasses though. Doing so encourages downing water too fast. Instead, use these numbers as a guide and be aware of them throughout the day.

Now that you know how much, we will address how to know when you have enough. The answer is found by assessing your urine color throughout the day. Dark yellow is extremely dehydrated and a transparent display means you are too hydrated. You want to find a happy medium, transparent yellow. Your ideal color is see-through summer time lemonade.

This last bit of information will ensure that you remain hydrated even during exercise. As you know, exercise makes you sweat. What you may not know is that you can lose as many as 3 + pounds during some bouts of exercise. For this reason, it is very important to do two things. The first is to get your weight prior to exercise. This gives you a baseline from which to assess your hydration efforts at the end of your session. The second is to be done during your session; drink water throughout. Keep it to sips not gulps and keep it frequent. After you have completed your training session, step back on the scale. A drop in weight is most likely an indicator of water loss. Hydrate accordingly.

Client Spotlight

Buzz Dempsey – July

April 2005 Client of the month photo

Buzz Dempsey started to workout at Body Basics a few months ago, and his improvement has been amazing. His form has considerably improved, his running is much better, and he is a lot stronger.

His next challenge is to ride in the next El Tour de Tucson since he just got a new road bike. YOU GO BUZZ !!!

Michelle Heintz – August

May 2005 client of the month photo.

Michelle Heintz started working out at BodyBasics right at the beginning of the year with a co-worker and is currently one of our quarter transformers.

Despite challenges along the way, Michelle has showed a consistent dedication to improving her lifestyle. This level of persistence has given her the energy to stick with her nutritional and exercise plan resulting in some pretty dramatic changes.

Michelle, the four of us want you to know how proud we are of you. Your dedication is inspirational. Keep up the effort!

A Healthy Back for Strong Living

Article submitted by Jennifer D. Comer, MSPT

For those of us dedicated to fitness and well being, we don’t have time for the pain back pain that is. Yet, most of us have experienced some sort of low back pain in our lives. Most lumbar conditions resulting in pain are due to repetitive mechanical causes yes, poor posture and compromised body mechanics.

Research supports that core stabilization exercises work to condition and enhance performance of specific muscles needed to maintain proper body posture and facilitate efficient body movement. From sitting in your car to loading your dishwasher, body awareness and self correction are the first steps to recovering from and/or preventing injury to your spine. Having a well-conditioned body leads to more natural and healthy back habits on a daily basis. Easier said than done, right?

Now that you are aware, it is time to act. Discuss with your fitness adviser how to implement core stabilization into your overall wellness plan. Then evaluate how you sit, stand, sleep, move, and play. As a part of the process, a physical therapist can provide additional guidance, offering individual posture analysis and further education on how to improve the ways in which you function while performing your day to day activities.

Wishing you wellness and a healthy back for strong living,

-Jennifer D. Comer, MSPT

Adrienne Parry, Physical Therapy
1880 W. Orange Grove Road
Phone: (520)-797-2090

Congrats Jenny!

A special congratulation is in order for Jenny and her new Fianc, Jason Kerbs. The couple was engaged on June 7, 2005 and they are now busily planning a January 2006 wedding. Congratulations Jenny & Jason! We are all so happy for you!

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires.

Keep Up the Great Work!

We are very proud of all of you!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason

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