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The Pulse - September/October 2005

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Welcome to the Crew!

New employee image, Gordon Chapell.

Gordon Chappell

There is a new face around the studio and it belongs to Gordon Chapell. Gordon started working at BodyBasics as a Lifestyle Coach August 1. He brings 29 years of Air Force experience doing everything from jumping out of planes as a Para Rescuer for the first 11 years of his career to management experience during the last 18 years in the service.

Gordon has had a life long commitment to health and fitness and is certified as a personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association. Gordon gets great satisfaction in making a difference in people’s lives by helping them experience the long-term and short-term rewards of a fit and health lifestyle.

Gordon has an Associates degree in Survival and Rescue operations, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Gordon’s wife for 27 years, Lynn, is a nurse. They have 3 grown girls, a son-in-law and their first grandson as of Sunday, August, 28th!

Welcome to the Crew Gordon!

Stepping Out Events

September 18 El Tour 10K & 5K Run

September 25 Jim Click’s Run & Roll

Our Shining Stars!

Congratulations to our most recent winners of the Cardio Star Chart Challenge! Mike Cole completed 19 hours of cardio to win for the men and Teena Sandstrom completed 54 hours of cardio to secure a victory for the women.

The next challenge started on August 13th and it is the battle of the elliptical! The challenge will end October 13th and there will be two prizes one for the female winner and one for the male winner (although, all participants are winners in our minds).

Good luck!

The BodyBasics Quarter Transformers

Congratulations Michelle and Jonathan! Your three months are finished and you both did a great job on your improvements in not only weight loss and muscle tone, but in your overall lifestyles! These changes will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals and lead to an even healthier life! We are very proud of you two!

Up Next:

We now have Sylvia Viramontes and Michelle Heintz (back for another round)! The first month is already over and they are on their way to the completion of the second month. Keep up the good work ladies!

Measurements, biographies and pictures of our Quarter Transformers are posted in the studio. This program is a service provided by BodyBasics to keep the participants accountable and give them the support and encouragement needed to reach their goals. Participation is voluntary. Along with additional weekly training sessions, nutritional advice is given to further assist the Transformers to transform their lives into a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Contact us by clicking on Contact if you’re interested in being the next Quarter Transformer.

Client Spotlight

Adam Shreeves – September

June 2005 Client of the month photo

Adam started working out at BodyBasics in February of 2005. His goals were to lose weight and get in shape. Well, he has done just that. As of June 25, 2005, Adam has lost 42 lbs. resulting in a loss of 34 total inches from head to toe! His strength, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness have also all seen dramatic improvement.

Adam, we want you to know how proud of you we are. Your willingness to listen and apply what you are taught embodies our mission. Keep it up!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason, and Gordon

Patti Wylie – October

July 2005 Client of the month photo

Patti has been an active part of the BodyBasics Crew since day one and beyond. She is a living example of how capable we all are of improving our fitness. She continues to amaze us with what she is able to accomplish, like walking for 57 hours to win the Cardio Star Chart Challenge a few months ago.

Patti, we want you to know how much joy you bring to us. You are inspirational and we are honored to be your coaches. Keep it up!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason, and Gordon

How do I find my target heart rate?

This is a question we have heard several times recently so we thought we would address it. There are 2 ways to find your target heart rate. One way is simple but less accurate and the other is a little more complex but much more accurate. We will provide you with both methods.

The simple method is to take your age and subtract it from 220. The resulting number, considered your estimated maximum heart rate, is then multiplied by your desired percentage of intensity. As a general rule, the following breakdowns are effective to use:

Formula for estimating maximum heart rate (HRmax):
HRmax = 220 – Age
Formula for estimating target (training) heart rate:
Low Range = HRmax X 50% to 65%
Medium Range = HRmax X 60% to 75%
High Range = HRmax X 70% to 85%

The second method adds another degree of individuality by incorporating your resting heart rate. Doing this acknowledges our individual heart strength. When using resting heart rate in the formula, subtract it from EMHR and then add it back in when determining your percentage of intensity. Here is an example of how to incorporate resting heart rate.

  • 220  age = estimated max heart rate (EMHR)
  • EMHR  resting heart rate = adjusted max heart rate (AMHR)
  • AMHR X 75% + resting heart rate = desired % intensity

While formulas and calculations provide a good indication of how hard an individual is working, we want to emphasize the importance of Perceived Exertion (PE).

One example of a typical PE scale is the rating of 1-10. At level one, the individual is barely exerting themselves. At level 10, extreme fatigue sets in and the individual feels they can no longer continue at that level of intensity.

Depending on your fitness goals, your physical limitations, and fitness level the recommended PE rating will differ based on the individual. Use this guide as a tool along with your target heart rate.

  • Beginner: 1-4
  • Intermediate: 4-7
  • Advanced: 7-9

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires.

Keep Up the Great Work!

We are very proud of all of you!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason, and Gordon

Staff picture April 2005

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