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The Pulse - March/April 2005

Meet Our First Quarter Transformer Mark Dempsey

BodyBasics is offering another opportunity to all of you: The Quarter Transformer Challenge. You may have noticed our first chosen client, Mark Dempsey, whose picture is posted on the wall as you first walk into the studio.

The challenge begins with a before picture, initial weigh in, circumference measurements, body fat measurements, and a goal-setting session. Nutritional guidance and additional training opportunities are perks added in as well. At the end of each month our chosen participant will be re-measured to track his or her progress. These updates are put up on a designated wall hung poster board along with a picture for each of three consecutive months.

Mark is currently in his second month and is highly motivated! So next time you see him, send some encouragement his way! Every little bit helps. His first month´s statistics showed a loss of 8.5 lbs and 3% body fat. To date (2/18/05) Mark is down a total of 13.5 lbs! Keep up the good work Mark!

If you would like to be picked as our next Quarter Transformer, contact us for more information.

**Check out this month’s Healthy Recipe section. Mark gave us this creation he came up with while finding ways to eat healthy and tasty food.**

Stepping Out (March/April Events): Your trainers take you outside the studio for some extra fitness fun.

Sun Run for Life Directions

The annual Sun Run for Life Directions took place January 30, 2005. We had several of our BodyBasics clients and trainers show up and participate! Congrats to Maryline Boulay, Sandra Heater, Kris Litten, Eve Shapiro, Chris, and Cecile! We would like to extend special congratulations to Sandra Heater and Eve Shapiro who not only ran, but also placed. Great job you two!


The 7th Annual Race for the Cure benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation which raises money to search for a cure for breast cancer is on April 10th and takes place at Reid Park.

There is a 5K Competitive run, a 5K non-competitive run/walk, and a 1 mile walk/run.We are participating as a team and want you to be a part of the Body Basics Crew!

Here is the information on how to sign up…

  • 1) Go online to
  • 2) Click on the Race for the Cure logo
  • 3) Click on Register Here
  • 4) Continue through the registration process with your credit card in hand. Remember to select Join a Team and scroll down to the team name Body Basics Crew.
  • 5) You will notice that we have a goal number of 60 team members and hope to raise $800 in donations – so your donations are greatly appreciated. We welcome any friends or family that would like to sign up with our team as well!

More information can be found at and we will post the race-day schedule and more details on our bulletin board in the studio as the date approaches.

Our Shining Stars: The Cardio Star Chart Takes Off!

The Cardio Star Chart was an idea your BodyBasics coaches came up with in order to challenge you to do more cardio on your own while having fun doing so. The chart was posted, the progress binder put together, and before we knew it, the participants were off and moving!

The first challenge involved the elliptical and became an instant success! Participants were coming in to workout on their off-days, before workouts, and even after workouts! Some made it a personal challenge to not leave without a star; others were determined to take the lead and pushed hard to the very end.

We had a total of 18 elliptical-crazy participants for this challenge! Four people completed 10+ hours and two exceeded 20 hours!

One very driven lady was our winner with 34 hours! A big WOW and CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie Dempsey! You go girl! For being our cardio challenge winner, BodyBasics presented Debbie with $125 gift certificate for a Spa Day at the Westward Look Resort. Enjoy yourself Debbie, you deserve it!

We are very proud of everyone who participated in this cardio challenge. Keep up the good work and good luck with the new challenge.

**Starting February 21 and ending April 23 (a good amount of time to train for the Race for the Cure on the 10th), BodyBasics presents the WALKING/RUNNING Cardio Challenge! Ask Chris, Jenny, or Cecile for more information.**

Client Spotlight

December 2004 Client of the month photo

Jon Green – March

Jon Greens dedication to improving his health both inside and out of the studio is obvious, just look at him! He continues to impress his life coach with his willingness to work hard.

Over the last year, he has almost doubled the amount of weight he can bench press, his balance has improved significantly, and we cannot keep him away from a mirror.

Good job Jon from all of us at Body Basics. We are very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself as well.

Chris, Cecile and Jenny

Sarah Letzkus – April

January 2005 client of the month photo.

Sarah Letzkus

Sarah Letzkus is a 22 year old straight-A student at the U of A who has shown her dedication and commitment to a healthy life. In spite of being grumpy at 9 in the morning, Sarah willingly changed her schedule to make her workouts fit 3 times a week in her busy schedule between school, work and extracurricular activities.

Sarah has been incredibly consistent and has made great progress in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular work.

Look how happy you look Sarah!! Good job!

Jenny, Cecile and Chris

Healthy Recipe: Mark’s Paella

(Recipe submitted by Mark Dempsey)

All ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joes

Brown Rice Frozen at Trader Joes (1 packet) or about 2 cups cooked
Quinoa 2 cups cooked
Chicken Breast (cubed) 1 or 2
Raisins 1 cup
Slivered Raw Almonds ½ cup
Saffron a few pinches, or to taste (crush a little before adding)
Chicken Broth ½ cup
Garlic (sliced thin) As much as you want
Kalamata Olives (halved, pitted) ½ cup
Sweet mini tomatoes 1 cup

Use all or some of the following depending on your tastes

  • Scallops Frozen at Trader Joe’s as much as you want
  • Slipper Lobster Meat Frozen at Trader Joe’s as much as you want
  • Shrimp Frozen at Trader Joe’s as much as you want


  1. Prepare rice and Quinoa according to package directions and set aside
  2. In large saut pan, saut chicken, garlic, and saffron in small amount of olive oil until chicken is cooked
  3. Add:
    • Seafood
    • Almonds
    • Raisins
    • Olives
    • tomatoes
    • Chicken or vegetable broth
    • Additional saffron if desired
  4. Bring to simmer and cook at low to medium heat about 10-15 minutes until seafood is cooked and liquids blend together.
  5. Add rice and quinoa. Mix thoroughly and cook about 5 minutes until blended and heated through.

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires.

Keep up the great work! We are very proud of all of you!

Yee-Haw for Rodeo weekend!

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