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The Pulse - January/February 2005

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We Appreciate You BBQ!

The Client Appreciation Bar-B-Que was a success! About 25 of you showed up to eat, have pleasant conversation and jump in the big inflatable castle!

This event was to thank all of our clients for being so patient with us and to show our appreciation of your loyalty.

Stepping Out: Your trainers take you outside the studio for some extra fitness fun.

Coming up in the new year, the BodyBasics team will be organizing events four times a month that will range from running through state parks to shopping at the mall! The goal is to demonstrate how fun and easy fitness can be and how it can be incorporated into many different aspects of your life. Oh, and we also want to have fun!

We will be posting a calendar in the studio soon so stay tuned!

Perfect Attendance!

Another achievement BodyBasics is honoring is perfect attendance.

This award applies to our 3 time – a – week-ers because we understand the commitment it takes on your part to come three times a week and this is our way of rewarding you for doing so.

If you have perfect attendance for an entire month, meaning you have made all of your 3 appointments every week*, you will be awarded with a certificate and 10% off your next purchase!

*This award will apply to re-scheduled appointments as long as they are within the same week.

Exercise Can: A Psychologist’s View

Licensed Psychologist and BodyBasics client Dr. Lynne Namka, Ed. D., has offered some of her wisdom about exercise and mental health.

There have been many studies that show exercise benefits not only the physical person, but the mental aspect of a person as well.

Exercise can Help with Depression. Exercise has been proven to help with those suffering from depression. When we exercise, the heart rate is elevated, we breathe deeper, and “feel good” chemicals in our brains are released. These chemicals are called endorphins and are what give us the “runner’s high” after we exercise.

Exercise canĀ Help reduce stress levels. The deep diaphragmatic breathing that exercise initiates has been proven to be very calming with stress related issues.

Exercise canĀ Increase self-esteem. Not only does exercise make us feel better about ourselves, but self esteem goes up when people take the initiative and make the choice in their lives to exercise regularly and improve their health.

Alas, more reasons to exercise! Along with being one of the three best things for depression, Lynne points out that exercise is the cheapest of the three (the others being medication and therapy)!

Dr. Namka recommends regular exercising to all of her clients and we at BodyBasics know she practices what she preaches! She participates in our Power Lunch group along with working out on her own on a regular basis! Way to go Lynne!

Special Offers

Gift certificates: please call us or come by the studio for more information.

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