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Our mission put simply is to empower our clients to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires them.

4 Week Holiday Slim Down Challenge!

4 Week Holiday Slim Down Challenge! Click for Details!
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The Pulse - October 2014

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What Our Clients Say

An approaching ‘milestone’ birthday was the catalyst for my commitment to becoming fit. I had worked out intermittently in the past at other fitness clubs and at home, didn’t enjoy it, and never stuck with it long enough to see results. A friend encouraged me to check out BodyBasics, assuring me it would be a different experience. I did and it is!

I participate in personalized group classes 3 days a week and really enjoy the workout and the personal guidance I receive from the fitness coaches and the support of my classmates. Beyond a fit body, nutrition counseling at BodyBasics has taught me the important role proper nutrition plays in overall health and fitness and I have completely changed my eating habits.

Thanks to Chris and his staff, I have seen a tremendous change in my body in just 4 months and I am enjoying the benefits of increased strength, better balance and tons of energy. BodyBasics isn’t like anything I’ve experienced before and it has changed my life! — Susan Mannion

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