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Our mission put simply is to empower our clients to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires them.

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The Pulse - January 2015

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What Our Clients Say

“I really wanted to make a commitment to be healthier, stronger, lose weight, be less stressed out, and eat healthier. But could I? Would I? I tried the “traditional” gyms and I tried exercising at home on my own. Nothing proved successful for any length of time. Then my friend, who is a long time BodyBasics client, encouraged me to give BodyBasics a try. I did and I am so very grateful for his suggestion every day. BodyBasics is more than a place to work out; it’s more than a rigid, cold gym. The environment and the trainers are warm, helpful, supportive and patient. Don’t let another day go by without BodyBasics as part of your routine. The benefits are enormous — physically, emotionally and spiritually.”— Barb Rock  Read more…

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