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The Pulse - January 2012

We wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year!

What’s New??

Your team at Body Basics is thrilled to announce some exciting new opportunities.

For all of you or your loved ones who have designs on starting fresh towards improving your health and fitness in 2012, we have a perfect launch point for you. Starting Monday, January 2nd, we are rolling out our “New Beginners Class” at 9:00 a.m. This class will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is specially designed for those of you who have been away from a consistent exercise program for several months or longer. We will be building a solid foundation of core stability, balance and flexibility. Our intention is that this class be fun and inviting while underlining the benefit and value of consistent exercise. Space is still available in this class, call to enroll.

We are proud to announce our new “Exercise for Educators” Class. Our hope is that this can be a perfect way for our local community to join us in giving back to the people who make a difference in young children’s lives every day. Hard working teachers can take part in our deeply discounted group workout class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 5:00 am and still be able to start their day at school on time. Call for more information and check availability.

We have officially started a Youth Fitness Class targeted to serve both male and female children between the ages of 7 and 10 years of age. We are teaching the kids all sorts of fun and challenging ways to move their bodies. This class is taught by both Nick McKim and Chris Litten with a total class size limit of 6 children. Class meeting times are Monday and Thursday afternoons from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. We are currently enrolling participants for our next class that begins January 30th.

Interested in racing season? Mike Haas, our resident USA Triathlon Coach, would like to schedule a session with all of you who run, bike and/or swim. By meeting with Mike, he can help address your program design as it relates to your event goals. Additionally, Mike will use his experience as a personal trainer to identify and correct muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions that could cause injury or impact your performance. More information will follow next month.

Do you have a daughter getting married? Are you getting married or know a bride to be? Amelia Olson has organized an amazing program that is just for brides and their wedding party. “I Do” Boot camp is the perfect option for getting into great shape an managing all that pre-nuptial planning stress. Indoor and outdoor training options are available. More information can be found by clicking here.

Group Training Class Schedule

Client Spotlight

Maddie Tsurusaki

This month, we’d like to shine the client spotlight on Maddie Tsurusaki. She started training at BodyBasics over a year and a half ago. She came in with the goal of fitting into a pair of jeans that no longer fit. She worked out diligently for a while and made progress towards fitting into those jeans. As with so many other people, the stresses of work and life got in the way of regular exercise. We didn’t see Maddie for quite some time. To our surprise and delight, Maddie came back to BodyBasics at the end of this summer.

This time, she was back with a much different goal in mind. She had developed high blood pressure and she wanted to see if she could avoid medication through lifestyle changes. Each time she comes in, her blood pressure is markedly lower post workout and over the past few months, her blood pressure readings overall are trending downwards. Maddie still leads an active, full and a lot of times stressful life but she is striving for that healthy balance. She loves having the accountability of a one on one appointment with her trainer, Maureen. Maddie says she feels the stress melt away when she walks through the doors. Her aha moment was when she rescheduled a work meeting that would have conflicted with her session because “this is MY time, time for ME”. Maddie, keep up the good work and enjoy the benefits of the positive lifestyle changes you are making.

What’s With the Stick?

If you have frequented BodyBasics anytime within the last few months, you may have noticed individuals rolling a tool that looks like a stick all over their bodies. That tool is actually called “the stick” and we encourage all of you to use it either before or after your next workout. Here is why:

The Stick is a massage tool made of a space-age plastic that allows the tool to flex while still providing effective compression of your muscles. It was specifically designed to prepare the body for movement, help increase flexibility, accelerate recovery time, and reduce muscle soreness. SImilar to a foam roller, you can roll the Stick over your muscles for a self-massage. For more information or to order one, click here.

Body Basics and KOLD News 13

We are pleased to be affiliated with KOLD News 13 as their Foothills Community sponsor. Click here to view our video and share it with your friends.

Exercise of the Month: Alternating Shoulder Grabs

Begin this exercise by assuming a full push up position at a counter top or chair with feet and hands both shoulder width apart. Next, brace your trunk by taking in a full breath through your nose. Make sure the air is held in your abdomen to help stabilize your spine. Hold that breath as you reach across your chest for the opposite shoulder. Grab it and hold for 3-5 seconds. When you do so, keep your hips parallel to the ground. If a full push up position is too challenging, try it with both knees bent instead. for a greater challenge than the elevated version, assume the position on the ground. To view a demonstration of this exercise, please click on the picture.

Gift of Love Tree

Thank you to all of our wonderfully generous clients for the outpouring of love to the Gedeon family.

BodyBasics Sponsors Southern Arizona Roadrunners 2012 Sunrise at Old Tucson Studios


JANUARY 29, 2012!

MAKE A DAY OF IT free entry to Old Tucson, one free admission to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, plus one free admission to the International Wildlife Museum

Every registrant receives free trail side breakfast at race and Red Star sunglasses coupon

Raffle prizes given by Old Tucson Studios, The Running Shop, and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation


Men’s Four-Miler starts at 8:15 am

Women’s Four-Miler starts at 9:15 am

One Mile starts at 9:15 am

Awards and Free Lil’ Pardner’s Fun Run starts at about 10:00


John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF).


Happy New Year!

The BodyBasics Team: Mike Haas, Maureen Raine, Nick McKim, Amelia Olson, Chris Litten, Mike Donelan

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