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The Pulse - February 2012

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Active Dynamic Warm-Up

Exercise science is continually advancing and your trainers at BodyBasics work hard to remain on the cutting edge of current research. Traditionally, coaches, trainers and athletes alike have been preparing for physical activity by combining light aerobic activity with static stretching. However, innovative research has emerged to suggest a new style of warm up might be more effective. The new style of warm up is referred to as an active dynamic warm-up (ADW). The rationale behind this new variety movement preparation that is more beneficial if it is dynamic and specific to the type of activity you are about to engage in rather than a general workout of the past. It is the perfect follow up to the myofascial stick work that was referred to in our last newsletter.

The advantages of an active dynamic warm-up, when compared to static stretching are:

  • Since it involves continuous movement, it maintains warmth in your body and muscles.
  • It prepares the muscles and joints especially for the movements to come.
  • The various exercises involved enhance coordination and motor function, while also fine-tuning the nervous system.
  • Most importantly, an ADW prepares the athlete mentally for the workout ahead.

Examples of a few of the moves you might find in an active warm up include: skipping, walking with high knees, side lunges, and inchworm crawls. For more ideas about incorporating an ADW into your next workout, click the link and discuss it with your trainer. Click here.

Triathlon Training with Mike Haas

Less than 1% of the population has competed in a triathlon of any kind. Now is the time to work toward that dream of competing in a triathlon or other endurance event! BodyBasics is proud to have Mike Haas as our resident Certified USA Triathlon Coach. Mike trains all levels of endurance sports participants and competitive athletes. Experienced as a personal trainer, Mike can help people train more efficiently, avoid injury and improve personal performance. It all starts with a free comprehensive evaluation that will help assess efficiency robbing, potentially dangerous body asymmetries and muscle imbalances. Mike enjoys motivating and encouraging athletes at all levels to reach beyond their expectations and perform at their personal best. Depending on the competitive objective, Mike will develop a custom program to see to it that clients meet or exceed their goals. To prepare for that upcoming event, a program might include running, biking and swimming workouts, core strength and functional training along with facilitated stretching and myofascial release. Mike can also help with strategy development and technical issues involved in each part of the event.

How many hours should you train? How many events should you compete in? Are you eating enough of the right foods to train at an intense level? These are some of the questions Mike will address in your training. Mike will also determine strengths and weaknesses to get your program started smoothly and safely. Injury prevention is a key factor in being able to train at an optimal level. This means Mike pays close attention to core strength, and making sure all imbalances are corrected PRIOR to focusing on your next event.

So, whether you want to train for and Ironman or you’ve always wanted to try your first 5-k, get started on the right foot and call now to schedule your free assessment with Coach Mike today!

Recipe: Breakfast of Champions

This breakfast is a complete meal that will really keep you going. You’ll start the day out right with a serving of vegetables before you even leave the house! Eat the alternative and you won’t have such a great start to your day.


  • 1 Medium Tortilla
  • 1 Egg & 1 Egg White
  • 1 cup of Fresh Spinach
  • 1 Vegetable Sausage
  • .25 cup Greek Yogurt
  • .25 cup Salsa


Lightly toast the tortilla and set aside. Spread the Greek yogurt. Heat the vegetable sausage while scrambling the egg and egg white. When they are just about finished cooking, wilt the spinach and slide all of it into the tortilla. Top with salsa.

 Nutrition facts: 310 Total Calories 34% Carbohydrate (33 grams), 33% Protein (31 grams), 33% Fat (14 grams)

Compare the Breakfast of Champions to this: 420 Total Calories 27% Carbohydrates (28 grams) 13% Protein (14 grams) 62% Fat (29 grams)

Client Spotlight

Ron Thomas

This month, our client spotlight is shining on Ron Thomas. Ron started coming to Body Basics in December, 2010. His initial goals were to improve flexibility and quickness, and to lose a few pounds. As Ron’s coach for the last year, I can say with enthusiasm that his hard work is paying off tremendously! Not only is Ron seeing improvement in his flexibility and quickness, but he’s also improved his strength and cardiovascular endurance, and lost over 25 pounds, which he attributes to exercise and a healthy, low-salt diet. Being an avid tennis player, tap dancer, and frequent trail hiking club member and guide, staying fit is important for his lifestyle. In addition to feeling better, Ron has seen his resting heart rate and blood pressure improve as well!

Ron, thanks for working so hard, and staying so consistent. You are a pleasure to work with. You have a great sense of humor and a positive perspective on life. Keep up the hard work, you set a great example for us all!

Exercise of the Month: Toe Touches

Can you touch your toes? When someone is unable to touch their toes, the common misconception is that the hamstrings are tight. This isn’t’t necessarily the case, sometimes we have a neurological disconnect as to the sequencing of muscles required to fire so we may complete a movement pattern. A lot of what we do at BodyBasics is based in the principles contained within the Functional Movement Systems devised by physical therapist, author and international lecturer, Gray Cook. In this video, we will see a graphic illustration of this idea. If you are unable to touch your toes, practice this sequence every day. You may not be able to accomplish the task on the first try but if any measurable progress is made, continue the practice until your objective is achieved.

Southern Arizona Roadrunners Couples Relay

BodyBasics is proud to be a community partner in this fun event. Grab your partner and meet us there for a morning of fun!  Click here for details.

The BodyBasics Team: Mike Haas, Maureen Raine, Nick McKim, Amelia Olson, Chris Litten, Mike Donelan
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