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The Pulse - July/August 2006

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Get Your Kicks in 2006

The New Year’s resolution Get Your Kicks series continues with another article about making healthy changes in your life.

The previous three newsletters have been informative about #1 – Jump-starting your day with a good breakfast, #2 Reducing your stress with laughter and #3 Getting adequate sleep.

This month’s kick is about the importance of hydration.

Drink up!

As the temperature continues to creep up, so does our fundamental need for water. But how much is enough? Does it matter if you sip water all day or drink it all at once? How do we know when we are properly hydrated? These are just a few of the many questions we hear from our clients.

In order to get you on track, let’s first start with learning how much water you need. The answer depends on your activity level, your weight and of course, your environment. The more you sweat, the more you need to replenish your fluid levels and drink water. Generally speaking, drink at least 64 80 ounces per day. This is the equivalent of 8 10 eight ounce glasses of water. It is, however, not a good idea to drink it all at once, not even 8-10 oz at a time. Doing so encourages downing water too fast. Instead, use these numbers as a guide and sip your water periodically to keep you properly hydrated throughout the day.

To make sure your body is getting enough water check the color of your urine. If it is dark yellow, chances are your body is dehydrated. Opt for somewhere between transparent and yellow, something like diluted summertime lemonade.
This last bit of information will ensure that you remain hydrated even during exercise. As you know, exercise makes you sweat. What you may not know is that you can lose lots of weight, 3 or more pounds, during some bouts of exercise. For this reason, it is very important to do two things. First, weigh yourself prior to and after exercise. If you have stayed properly hydrated throughout your exercise session, you will weigh the same after your workout as you did before your exercise. The second important thing is to be done during your session. To assure you will be keep your body properly hydrated drink water throughout your workout. Keep it to sips not gulps and drink frequently.

For more specific guidelines about your water needs during exercise refer to the following link we found on the The Weather Channel website. Just enter your zip code, the amount of time exercising, (in minutes) and your weight.

Why water?

Water is by far the most hydrating beverage. Sure, sports drinks will give you added electrolytes, but they also contain amounts of sugar that certainly add up if you drank 60-80 oz a day. Tea, coffee and sodas also help with your water intake, but be aware that caffeine can have a negative affect on your hydration efforts. You will also find water in your food. Specifically, fruits and vegetables pack the most H20, plus they are so good for you nutritionally! Your best bet? Meet your daily water intake with the real thing.

If you are curious about the benefits of sports drinks and how they compare to each other, check out this Gatorade website.

How water helps.

Water is necessary to the healthy function of all internal organs. It acts within each cell to transport necessary nutrients and expel waste. It helps to maintain lubrication within joints and keeps the skin from drying out. Water helps regulate body temperature, allowing heat to escape the body through sweat. If the body does not get enough water, it will become dehydrated.

With dehydration, the body is unable to cool itself and may lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Your energy will decrease and you muscles may cramp. It is important to make drinking water throughout the day a habit. Don’t rely on your thirst. In fact, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

In a nutshell, drink up and feel better. And to quote a popular bottled water companys ad campaign Drink to your health!

Make your appointment today!

Abby Floyd, R.D., has been busy meeting with our clients guiding them towards a better understanding of the importance of a well-rounded nutrition program. If you are having trouble sticking to your diet.  Give us a call! Abby will take care of you and you will soon be well on your way to making informed nutritional choices to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Feedback from our clients:
Rick Weiss

I was afraid she might put me on a 1500 calorie a-day diet, but she was very reasonable. Since meeting her last week, I’ve already dropped 3 pounds just by following her suggestions.

Abby is currently providing professional nutritional education in the form of meal planning, interactive shopping trips, sharing helpful nutritional tips, and conducting periodic seminars in the studio. Call us today (520-498-0359) to get started with this vital component of your overall fitness plan.

BodyBasics is also excited to introduce their newest partner, Competitive Edge Massage & Shiatsu. The company is owned and operated by Greg Heden, a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue treatments, particularly for those who run, bike, and/or swim. We think that Greg and Competitive Edge Massage will be a great addition to the Body Basics team. Greg can be reached at 404-2293 or emailed at Currently we are providing all Body Basic’s clients interested with a card good for 10% off all purchases with Greg and an additional complimentary massage every 6th visit.

Stepping Out Events

July 15th: Client Appreciation BBQ

Location: TBA. Check the bulletin board in the near future or ask one of your BodyBasics’ FitnessCoaches.

Desert Dawgs Boot Camp is up and running (and squatting and lunging, and pushup-ing, etc.)!

Body Basics favorite outdoor fitness program has returned!
This program is for those of you who are at a great level of fitness, who enjoy running outdoors, and like the idea of being pushed harder than you would push yourself. Boot Campers take part in exercise sessions outdoors that improve fitness in all areas; strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, balance, and of course mental toughness. Just ask those who have been there and they will tell you.

Staying In Events

Upcoming In-House Seminars:

With your continued education in mind as well as your health, we plan to start monthly or bi-monthly in house informational workshops. We would like you to send in some suggestions for what you would find beneficial. Also, please send us information regarding any association newsletters, bulletin boards, and other spots you might be willing to post dates for workshops as we move forward.

Recipe: “Kodiak Cakes® Restores the Lost Flapjack Tradition”

The original flapjack, this pancake is awesome in flavor, texture and nutrients! Made with 100% whole-wheat and oat flour, natural honey, egg whites and milk and all you need to add is water. These flapjacks have no added fat, no cholesterol and are not made with sugar or preservatives. Kodiak Cakes® are so fluffy and turn out perfectly every time!

Kodiak Cakes ® are Fitness Coach tested (by Jenny) and Dietician approved (by Abby)! They really are so healthy and tasty that Jenny and her husband have made them part of their Sunday morning breakfast tradition.

You can find Kodiak Cakes ® at any Safeway around town. Check out the website for more information and recipes!

Client Spotlight

Traci Cortese – July

Client of the month photo

We really want to congratulate you, Traci, for all your hard work and consistency. Nothing gets in the way of your workouts. Not even your full time job as a teacher, your family of 5 (3 children), or the volunteer work you started this year at the track field.
Also, good work on your training and completion of a marathon.
We are looking forward to you training for a triathlon now.
Chris, Jenny, Cecile, Gordon, Jason, and Abby

Buddy Beach – August

Client of the month photo

BodyBasics is awarding Buddy Beach as our newest Client of the Month. Buddy is incredibly committed to his exercise here at BodyBasics. We see him everyday for his cardio in addition to his workouts with Jason. Along with improvements in his everyday movements and cardiovascular health, Buddy has continued to make us proud with his ever-increasing ability to remember our names as well as the names of fellow clients. He is never without a smile and always humors us with his laughter. Keep up the great work Buddy. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it!
Chris, Jenny, Cecile, Gordon, Jason, and Abby

Client Highlight

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, our client, Julia Zahn has taken on an incredible adventure of biking across the country from LA to Boston. The journey began on May 14th and will continue until the end of June. We are tracking her progress in the studio (check out the map on the bulletin board). Until recently, Julia was the only female rider still in the race. A couple of the other female rides have re-joined the group, but if Julia finishes (and we know she will!) she will be the only female to finish the entire trek. We are so proud of you Julia! Keep it up girl!

Fitness Knowledge Question

Did you read the Drink Up article above? If so, answer the following question

According to The Weather Channel website, how many ounces of water would a 180 lb. client need to drink in the day that he/she exercises for an hour session at BodyBasics?

The answer will be posted on the studio bulletin board and will also be printed in the next newsletter.

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates and inspires.

Keep Up the Great Work!

We are very proud of all of you!

Chris, Cecile, Jenny, Jason, Gordon, and Abby

Staff picture June 2006

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