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The Pulse - Why do we want you training heavy?

I just got this question again recently so I thought it would make for a great first blog chat. So, Why do we want our clients to train heavy? Because we want you all big and bulky of course! Not really. The real reason is because we want you to be able to remain as independent and capable to do anything you encounter in your lives. You see, starting from around 30 years of age our bodies are programmed to lose around 4% total lean muscle every 10 years! As you are creeping up into your later years, that really starts to add up.

Think of a time recently when you needed to push yourself up out of a deep chair. When was the last time you voluntarily spent time on the ground? How about maneuvering stairs? Are you still able to trot up and down without much concern about falling?

Training heavy, given proper awareness ALWAYS to form and function, counters the natural cycle of muscle loss leaving you more in control of your independence ultimately until the day you heart stops. It will happen. The question is,  how long do you want to live an independent life before it does?

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