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The Pulse - Challenge Equals Change

For those of you who haven’t been inside BodyBasics in the last couple of weeks, we have inspirational quotes on big post-it paper serving as wall paper all over our main studio walls right now. We are doing this in pursuit of finding what quotes “talk” to you all who frequent our studio before we pick 5 and give them positions of motivational permanence on our walls come September 20th when we paint them on.

This morning was a perfect example of how much the right message read at the right time can inspire us to give a little more. One of our awesome Weekend Party clients saw this quote, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” on the wall. Being a teacher, she made mention of her students sharing that she says the very same thing to them in the classroom. Then she proceeded to turn up her own intensity several notches, all on her own. She was not asked to step it up. The words turned on a switch within her, most likely as she heard her own voice speaking to all of her students.

The words we use can inspire or deflate. They can motivate or discourage. Words used by us, either internally or extended to others have the power to bring confidence or demise. So, couple of takeaways. Think about your own words as you hear yourself talking to others. What message are you sending? Second, find a motivational quote or two of your own. Look for the ones that cause you to feel your mind literally shift. Read them regularly, especially when you’re feeling particularly challenged.

As we finished the Weekend Party today with our final cheer, I asked them. “Were you challenged today?” Immediately, the silence was broken by all at the same time voicing not only yeses but also examples of how. So I continued with, “Then you changed.”

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