What is BodyBasics?

BodyBasics is a private, professional, and friendly health and fitness studio located in Northwest Tucson. Since April 2000, we have improved the lives of thousands of individuals just like you.

Our mission is to empower our clients to realize their innate abilities by providing an environment that nurtures, educates, and inspires them.

We promise:

  • To treat you as a unique individual, scaling all exercise programs to a level that is safe, appropriate and affordable.
  • To make your time with us effective, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • To act professionally by providing the best in customer service from the start of your first session.

At BodyBasics, there is no minimum purchase or long term contract required. You can choose one or a combination of our services.

Our Approach Is Unique

At BodyBasics, we focus on movement, instead of individual muscles. The result is a balanced body that is more prepared to withstand the stresses of daily life that are the root of most aches and pains of sitting at a computer, doing various tasks around the house and/or office, poor body mechanics, and inactivity. Results of this holistic focus will be an individual who looks great, feels great, and moves great!

How We Work

We begin with an overall assessment that provides us with valuable information about your current state. This data includes measures such as your present ratio of lean mass to fat mass, your VO2 max, various flexibility and mobility scores, and a well-rounded snapshot of your body’s levels of strength. We then analyze the results to determine the most appropriate place to start your fitness program.

The BodyBasics team consists of degreed and certified male and female personal trainers. Based on your specific goals and the results of your initial assessment, we will design a program to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, including personal training,  nutrition coaching and rehabilitation, if needed.

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