In 2009, at age 46, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in both knees. My doctor told me my condition was severe, I was too young for a knee replacement and I needed to stop all impact exercise. Prior to this diagnosis I was a recreational triathlete. He told me I should never run again, bicycle only on flat terrain, swim but not kick, and hiking, another love of mine – was also out. After months of depression and confusion over my diagnosis I got a second opinion. My new doctor confirmed the diagnosis but encouraged physical therapy and careful incorporation of exercise. I went on to exercising some but always cautiously, restricting my movements to protect my knees. Me being cautious in this manner led to an increase in foot problems as well as hip problems!

I started coming to BodyBasics in 2013 after finding out about the great things they were doing with people like me from a friend that was already participating in their small group classes. Over time, with a focus on correct movements and an increased body awareness as taught by the instructors I began to grow stronger, not only in my larger muscle groups but also all the smaller supporting muscles. I learned to use my knee wisely and confidently instead of avoiding “intense knee activity”.

In the spring of 2015 my husband and I took our oldest daughter to the Rocky Mountains. We hiked for 5 days straight, averaging 5 – 10 miles a day. My knees were pain free! This is only the beginning! I am moving with more confidence each day and am no longer feeling like I’ve lost the dream of staying active all of my days here on Earth!

—Jenifer Halvey

I strongly recommend Body Basics for anyone interested in improving his/her physical fitness. The staff of Body Basics are talented, friendly, and excellent trainers. Body Basics helped me to both feel and look better.

—Chuck Pedri

My practice of medicine is focused on prevention and early intervention in helping people with medical issues.

I have been referring my patients to Chris Litten and the rest of the staff at Body Basics for the last 5 years to get professional help with exercises that keep them healthy and are not detrimental. I started referring them after I started using Body Basics for helping me personally get back into shape after getting to busy with my medical practice. I was able to lose 30 pounds  of fat I did not need and gain muscle I needed and resolve some chronic back pain issues.

My patients have received similar results and the best of instruction with attention to detail and very positive results with guidance from Body Basics.

I highly recommend to all those interested in getting into better shape, feeling better and lowering their medical risk factors be evaluated at Body Basics for careful safe supervision of exercise programs.

—Dr. Tom Griffin, MD VIP

As a physical therapist I look to refer my patients for high quality continuum of care after discharge.  Body Basics provides the expertise and experience that my patient’s require and deserve.  Their creative and individualized programs? help each client reach their maximum level of health in a safe and fun manner.  Every patient I have referred to Body Basics has said they were grateful for the referral and so happy they went their to continue their journey to quality health!
—Bob Direnfeld, PT, Marana Physical Therapy

I am confident in stating that Body Basic’s approach to fitness along with better food choices is a winning combination!  All I have to do is show up.  My instructors have already thoughtfully developed a balanced circuit routine.  Much care is given in teaching proper technique. Adaptations with each exercise allows for individual abilities and goals making this a well spent, fun hour in my day.

—Shannon Houser

I began working out with Chris Litten in the early 90s, when I was in my late 20s, before he owned his own gym.    I knew immediately that Chris was different from the other trainers.   His expertise, forward thinking, and his ability to connect with people set him apart from other personal trainers. When I need help with my fitness goals, the only place I will go for help is Chris’s gym, Body Basics.  I’m a teacher on a very tight budget, so I am only go to pay for something I am 100% certain is worth every penny. I know what Chris expects of himself, and I know his staff will be educated, personable and helpful. Your goals become their goals. You’ll find Body Basic’s mission is clear.  Body Basics is about keeping you healthy, fit and enjoying exercise for the rest of your life.

Over the years my goals, fitness levels, and exercise routines have changed. Before pregnancy, I was focused on cycling.  Chris designed workouts that helped me improve my cycling.  Chris had Boot Camps before they became popular in the mid-90s. His camps were incredibly challenging, rewarding and an absolute blast. The group dynamic Chris created allowed me to get through some of the toughest workouts I had ever been through because of the laughter and support of the group. When I was pregnant, I kept working out with Body Basic’s support. Chris was the one who radically changed my life when he told me I needed to sign up for a running event.  This spurred me on to join a running group. I never saw myself as a runner; I now have run 2 marathons and many half marathons.  When I needed help with improving my running, Body Basics was there with the workouts I needed. I worked with Mike; a great coach that taught me a great deal and helped me improved my pace.

—Andrea Aamodt

I have been a client at Body Basics since 2005 and prior to that I had been working out with a friend who also worked as a part time trainer. Workouts became difficult to coordinate with my friend and it was time to call Chris. At that time another acquaintance of mine, Marge Furash, had already been working out regularly with Chris for years.  Marge was thrilled with how much Chris had helped her to overcome her physical limitations. Needless to say, Marge is still at Body Basics and rarely misses a workout.

Chris was known as a “lifer”. Ten years ago it seemed that most personal trainers were part timers that came and went as other opportunities arose. Chris has been into fitness and training all his adult life and has been totally committed to this science for the 20 years that I had known him.

When I started training at Body Basics it was clear that the entire team was committed to their clients and to their own careers as personal trainers. They are full time professionals which is rare to find. When I began training at Body Basics Chris told me that he could prolong my dental career if I would make the lifestyle changes necessary for health and fitness. Although it has taken years to accomplish these changes I can attest to the fact that I am still in a full time practice and I’m as active as ever.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing!” This is one of the quotes written on the walls of gym and it summarizes the mindset of the Body Basics crew. The mantra at Body Basics is to optimize their client’s abilities and to help them get the most of life through healthy living. It is a partnership that works very well for me.

—Rick Weiss

Dear Mike, As I told you in one of our last workouts, “Dead lift training is not just for heavy lifting.” I was hand fertilizing our backyard plants using a three gallon watering can. Part of the way through my back got tired and was giving me pain. I decided to use the proper dead lift technique you are teaching me to lift the can and I did not have pain. Whooo Who ! I finished my fertilizing pain free. Thanks Mike!
—Stephanie Henderson

Life is precious. Their is more joy when you feel good physically. I could go on and on…

To my great surprise working out is fun, joyous, exhilarating…And of course just walking into BodyBasics is an upper! Cheerful greetings from trainers and clients alike.

To top it all off, I have also noticed improvements in my muscle tone, my flexibility and my stability.

—Barbro Huth

I started in January with the traditional goal to get back in shape. After three weeks, I find myself looking forward to the workout days. The classes have been a fabulous experience. The trainers are excellent with extensive knowledge and expertise and they provide an amazing total body workout. The whole atmosphere is positive, upbeat and fun while each workout is tailored to each person’s strengths/weaknesses. It is an awesome way to jump start the day, and I highly recommend this class to anyone. I find I have more energy and my mood is much more positive when I walk in the classroom door. I am really motivated to see how far I can go.

—Tracy Cortese

I’d like to share something with you, Chris. Yesterday I decided to paint the inside of a closet. It seemed like a simple job, but it turned out to be a huge project. I ended up having to scrape paint off a water-damaged masonry wall, pull out the existing hardware, then spackle and sand the holes before I could even pick up a paint brush. I painted the walls, then realized I needed to paint the ceiling, too. I did that on a step stool having to raise my arms and PUSH the roller against the surface of the ceiling.

I finished, cleaned up the mess I had made, brewed a cup of tea and sat down to admire my handiwork. Only then did I realize that I had just done something I never could have done before I began personalized group classes at BodyBasics 4 months ago. That closet is proof that my efforts and your patience are really paying off for me in new found strength and balance. I am so proud of myself and so grateful to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Chris, you have changed my life!

—Susan Mannion

When I first contacted BodyBasics, I had no hope of recovering from a shoulder injury and 2 bad knees. I was very heavy and could not ride an exercise cycle for more than a couple of minutes. At first, my workouts were tailored to my needs until I could join the personalized groups, where I am still assisted in meeting my personal needs with alternate exercises that do not aggravate my weaknesses. After a year at BodyBasics, I have lost 20 lbs, I am fit, and I have better balance and endurance. I still have pain in my shoulder and knees at times, but it is now bearable, with complete range of motion. I think BodyBasics is the perfect follow-up to physical therapy. The expertise of the staff is great and communication is superb.

—Dan F. Drollinger

Just wanted to give you an update on my physical fitness activities. I have started taking yoga classes at Yoga Oasis on Campbell Ave. The classes are great and the workout is more than I anticipated. I didn’t realize you break a sweat doing yoga but you definitely do. I would have never been able to start yoga without the balance and strength exercises you have taught me; and talk about hip abductor work. I am also still going to Anytime Fitness on the average three times a week and doing mostly cardio, treadmill and Elip when there.

I still do a hybrid of the many workouts you have given me. I am seeing a Naturopath physician and addressing some adrenal, cortisol and hormone balancing issues. The Naturopath is Dr. Elizabeth Grady on River Road. All in all I am feeling good and staying in better shape then most of my contemporaries. I do plan to get back with you for a workout checkup/tune up in the next month or two.

You helped me go from a very out of shape high BP couch potato to a multi-dimensional consistent exerciser. Thank you. You are always on the top of my referral list if I could ever get any of my deadbeat friends and co-workers to start exercising. Thanks again and I will get in touch soon.

—Tom Meade

Just when I thought that my steady weight gain accompanied by increased stiffness and weakness, in addition to an ongoing lack of energy were inevitable, my friend recommended that I sign up for BodyBasics.

Fourteen months later I can say that this has been a life-changing experience. I have developed strength and stamina, changed my nutrition, and lost 20 pounds participating in a combination of personalized group training as well as personal training sessions. The best part is the functional training approach which amounts to a total body workout. Personal training is designed for each client and one doesn’t need to be an athlete to be successful at BodyBasics. I am now strong enough to lift and carry heavy items, am enjoying improved alignment and increased flexibility and I have the stamina to actually run!

One of the nicest things about BodyBasics is the staff. They are a courteous, supportive, friendly, knowledgeable and completely professional group. My special thanks to Kathleen, Mike H. and Chris.

—Ali Walrath

BodyBasics has been a wonderful experience for me. The trainers have structural knowledge of the human body that could shame a medical student. Moreover, these trainers are calmly enthusiastic and professional, no mindless shouting or flailing around as at some large clubs. Chris and his staff are true teachers in the sense that they deeply desire everyone to achieve their own advancement to the individuals utmost. Suggestions are tailored on-the-spot to your own unique needs, even in the personalized group sessions. Until BodyBasics, I never thought exercise could be a cheerful, inspiring experience.

—Mia Tschamel

An approaching ‘milestone’ birthday was the catalyst for my commitment to becoming fit. I had worked out intermittently in the past at other fitness clubs and at home, didn’t enjoy it, and never stuck with it long enough to see results. A friend encouraged me to check out BodyBasics, assuring me it would be a different experience. I did and it is!

I participate in personalized group classes 3 days a week and really enjoy the workout and the personal guidance I receive from the fitness coaches and the support of my classmates. Beyond a fit body, nutrition counseling at BodyBasics has taught me the important role proper nutrition plays in overall health and fitness and I have completely changed my eating habits.

Thanks to Chris and his staff, I have seen a tremendous change in my body in just 4 months and I am enjoying the benefits of increased strength, better balance and tons of energy. BodyBasics isn’t like anything I’ve experienced before and it has changed my life!

—Susan Mannion

Eighteen months ago, I fell and broke my back. After going to pain doctors and water aerobics, I was still in a great deal of pain. Getting out of bed each morning was extremely painful. Morning walks were impossible. Sitting at my desk for just moderate amounts of time was not do-able. After working with a trainer at BodyBasics for 11-12 weeks, the lower back pain is now virtually gone.

—Mark Fay

Due to a responsive trauma team, incredible timing, a caring family and the body’s healing mechanisms, I miraculously survived a life-threatening rollover accident in March 2004. Despite several surgeries, walking 3 miles a day several times a week, and intensive therapy programs, I had reached a plateau and I was feeling very frustrated. Then I found out about BodyBasics from a friend. He had made tremendous strides in overcoming the paralysis of a stroke under their tutelage. As a superb role model, he gave me renewed hope.

Thanks to BodyBasics and Chris, I am now on my way to countering the effects of the stroke and severe trauma to my left arm and hand. Since I started an individualized program with Chris, I have regained a lot of function, range of motion and improved strength in my left hand, arm and shoulder.

In addition, Chris has helped me set and commit to realistic goals. He has been an inspiration and a patient, caring motivator. I’ve been very impressed by his structured approach, thoughtfulness, empathy, patience, and intelligence in helping to guide me to new levels. He records and makes me appreciate the subtle changes that I might not otherwise recognize or remember. He generously encourages me to use the equipment to better myself outside of our scheduled sessions. His positive attitude, creativity and encouragement have been an incredible influence in making me focus on maximizing my potential. I have regained my self-discipline and optimistic spirit. It has been quite inspiring and the possibilities continue to unfold.

—Marcia Spark

Two years ago, I experienced knee pain every time I walked up stairs. I also wore an armband to play racquetball because my arm hurt when I swung the racket. A friend told me that resistance training would build my muscles and take away the pain, but I was skeptical. Now, I am a believer. After working with the coaches at BodyBasics, I am pain free and feel great!

I have a family history of high cholesterol and was extremely pleased to find at my last check-up that my good cholesterol was so high my doctor did not recommend cholesterol lowering medication for me. I attribute my success to resistance training at BodyBasics. I participate in personalized group classes three times a week and have never felt better. Thanks, Chris Litten, and BodyBasics staff.

—Linda Loomis

I fell off a horse and broke my pelvis on the right side. I was instructed not to put weight on my right leg for a month. After I began to walk with the walker, I had a few sessions with a physical therapist to start using my leg again.

After almost three months, my whole body felt like it was out of balance so I decided to go to BodyBasics to find out how to regain my overall strength. I was walking with a limp and my body ached. They not only gave me exercises to do, but also explained how to do them properly. This helped tremendously. It has been almost 5 months since my fall and I’m walking normally, without pain, and a spring in my step again. I have learned the importance of proper fitness training.

Thank you, BodyBasics!

—Diana Atchley

I just wanted to write a letter of thanks for all you have done for me over the years.

Chris, we have been together forever. When my Chiropractor suggested that I come to you I was way out of my comfort zone. But I was going to the Chiropractor several times a month because of my back. My Chiropractor felt strengthening my back would help and you were the only one that he referred me to. If I would step unto an uneven surface without knowing it and jar my back it would bring tears to my eyes. Over the years you have done such a great job strengthening my back I never have an issue with pain like that anymore. I also only need to go to the Chiropractor for routine adjustments.

When I was diagnosed with the brain tumor, you and the whole staff helped me stay encouraged. It has been a challenge both physically and mentally not to give up but you guys were there with the patience and guidance I needed during those difficult times.

When my schedule changed and I needed a different training time, I was blessed with working with Jenny. She has been as wonderful as you, which I didn’t think would be possible. When I developed a nerve pinching in my lower back and leg, Jenny had the knowledge and the exercise that helped me recover very quickly. She has been a great trainer and friend. She has encouraged me and pushed me to keep going when I would be having one of my low times.

Then you added Kathleen to your team. The yoga and meditation that she does has been a wonderful addition to my life. I have started meditating daily because of what she has taught me. I have worn a mouth guard for 20 years because of grinding my teeth when I sleep. Since I have started meditating on a regular basis, I no longer need to wear it.

The BodyBasics Team has improved my life in ways I never expected. I thought going to a personal trainer would help my back and help me exercise. But I have received encouragement, compassion, patience, and guidance. I have gotten strength in my body and stronger emotionally and have developed really good friends.

Going to work out at BodyBasics is like being with a healthy family. The atmosphere is always happy and motivating.

Thank you all for everything you’ve done for me over the years and I am looking forward to all that I can accomplish in the years to come with your continued help.

—Debbie Dempsey

I really wanted to make a commitment to be healthier, stronger, lose weight, be less stressed out, and eat healthier. But could I? Would I? I tried the “traditional” gyms and I tried exercising at home on my own. Nothing proved successful for any length of time. Then my friend, who is a long time BodyBasics client, encouraged me to give BodyBasics a try. I did and I am so very grateful for his suggestion every day. BodyBasics is more than a place to work out; it’s more than a rigid, cold gym. The environment and the trainers are warm, helpful, supportive and patient. Don’t let another day go by without BodyBasics as part of your routine. The benefits are enormous — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

—Barbara Rock

I have been a client of BodyBasics Since April 2006. Since I had never worked with a personal trainer before, I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect. Working with the trainers in the studio has been a wonderful experience. They have shown compassion and care in each and every one of our sessions. After years of working out in various gyms, I finally learned the proper form and posture at BodyBasics and that has made all the difference in the world to me! I’ve seen my body change for the better in just a few months and others have noticed, also. I’m so grateful for BodyBasics and really love the non-intimidating, caring, and fun environment!

—Annette Lyons-Eggiman

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