The Pulse - Tom Meade

Just wanted to give you an update on my physical fitness activities. I have started taking yoga classes at Yoga Oasis on Campbell Ave. The classes are great and the workout is more than I anticipated. I didn’t realize you break a sweat doing yoga but you definitely do. I would have never been able to start yoga without the balance and strength exercises you have taught me; and talk about hip abductor work. I am also still going to Anytime Fitness on the average three times a week and doing mostly cardio, treadmill and Elip when there.

I still do a hybrid of the many workouts you have given me. I am seeing a Naturopath physician and addressing some adrenal, cortisol and hormone balancing issues. The Naturopath is Dr. Elizabeth Grady on River Road. All in all I am feeling good and staying in better shape then most of my contemporaries. I do plan to get back with you for a workout checkup/tune up in the next month or two.

You helped me go from a very out of shape high BP couch potato to a multi-dimensional consistent exerciser. Thank you. You are always on the top of my referral list if I could ever get any of my deadbeat friends and co-workers to start exercising. Thanks again and I will get in touch soon.

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