The Pulse - Rick Weiss

I have been a client at Body Basics since 2005 and prior to that I had been working out with a friend who also worked as a part time trainer. Workouts became difficult to coordinate with my friend and it was time to call Chris. At that time another acquaintance of mine, Marge Furash, had already been working out regularly with Chris for years.  Marge was thrilled with how much Chris had helped her to overcome her physical limitations. Needless to say, Marge is still at Body Basics and rarely misses a workout.

Chris was known as a “lifer”. Ten years ago it seemed that most personal trainers were part timers that came and went as other opportunities arose. Chris has been into fitness and training all his adult life and has been totally committed to this science for the 20 years that I had known him.

When I started training at Body Basics it was clear that the entire team was committed to their clients and to their own careers as personal trainers. They are full time professionals which is rare to find. When I began training at Body Basics Chris told me that he could prolong my dental career if I would make the lifestyle changes necessary for health and fitness. Although it has taken years to accomplish these changes I can attest to the fact that I am still in a full time practice and I’m as active as ever.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing!” This is one of the quotes written on the walls of gym and it summarizes the mindset of the Body Basics crew. The mantra at Body Basics is to optimize their client’s abilities and to help them get the most of life through healthy living. It is a partnership that works very well for me.

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