The Pulse - Marcia Spark

Due to a responsive trauma team, incredible timing, a caring family and the body’s healing mechanisms, I miraculously survived a life-threatening rollover accident in March 2004. Despite several surgeries, walking 3 miles a day several times a week, and intensive therapy programs, I had reached a plateau and I was feeling very frustrated. Then I found out about BodyBasics from a friend. He had made tremendous strides in overcoming the paralysis of a stroke under their tutelage. As a superb role model, he gave me renewed hope.

Thanks to BodyBasics and Chris, I am now on my way to countering the effects of the stroke and severe trauma to my left arm and hand. Since I started an individualized program with Chris, I have regained a lot of function, range of motion and improved strength in my left hand, arm and shoulder.

In addition, Chris has helped me set and commit to realistic goals. He has been an inspiration and a patient, caring motivator. I’ve been very impressed by his structured approach, thoughtfulness, empathy, patience, and intelligence in helping to guide me to new levels. He records and makes me appreciate the subtle changes that I might not otherwise recognize or remember. He generously encourages me to use the equipment to better myself outside of our scheduled sessions. His positive attitude, creativity and encouragement have been an incredible influence in making me focus on maximizing my potential. I have regained my self-discipline and optimistic spirit. It has been quite inspiring and the possibilities continue to unfold.

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