The Pulse - Jenifer Halvey

In 2009, at age 46, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in both knees. My doctor told me my condition was severe, I was too young for a knee replacement and I needed to stop all impact exercise. Prior to this diagnosis I was a recreational triathlete. He told me I should never run again, bicycle only on flat terrain, swim but not kick, and hiking, another love of mine – was also out. After months of depression and confusion over my diagnosis I got a second opinion. My new doctor confirmed the diagnosis but encouraged physical therapy and careful incorporation of exercise. I went on to exercising some but always cautiously, restricting my movements to protect my knees. Me being cautious in this manner led to an increase in foot problems as well as hip problems!

I started coming to BodyBasics in 2013 after finding out about the great things they were doing with people like me from a friend that was already participating in their small group classes. Over time, with a focus on correct movements and an increased body awareness as taught by the instructors I began to grow stronger, not only in my larger muscle groups but also all the smaller supporting muscles. I learned to use my knee wisely and confidently instead of avoiding “intense knee activity”.

In the spring of 2015 my husband and I took our oldest daughter to the Rocky Mountains. We hiked for 5 days straight, averaging 5 – 10 miles a day. My knees were pain free! This is only the beginning! I am moving with more confidence each day and am no longer feeling like I’ve lost the dream of staying active all of my days here on Earth!

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