The Pulse - Dr. Tom Griffin, MD VIP

My practice of medicine is focused on prevention and early intervention in helping people with medical issues.

I have been referring my patients to Chris Litten and the rest of the staff at Body Basics for the last 5 years to get professional help with exercises that keep them healthy and are not detrimental. I started referring them after I started using Body Basics for helping me personally get back into shape after getting to busy with my medical practice. I was able to lose 30 pounds  of fat I did not need and gain muscle I needed and resolve some chronic back pain issues.

My patients have received similar results and the best of instruction with attention to detail and very positive results with guidance from Body Basics.

I highly recommend to all those interested in getting into better shape, feeling better and lowering their medical risk factors be evaluated at Body Basics for careful safe supervision of exercise programs.

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