The Pulse - Ali Walrath

Just when I thought that my steady weight gain accompanied by increased stiffness and weakness, in addition to an ongoing lack of energy were inevitable, my friend recommended that I sign up for BodyBasics.

Fourteen months later I can say that this has been a life-changing experience. I have developed strength and stamina, changed my nutrition, and lost 20 pounds participating in a combination of personalized group training as well as personal training sessions. The best part is the functional training approach which amounts to a total body workout. Personal training is designed for each client and one doesn’t need to be an athlete to be successful at BodyBasics. I am now strong enough to lift and carry heavy items, am enjoying improved alignment and increased flexibility and I have the stamina to actually run!

One of the nicest things about BodyBasics is the staff. They are a courteous, supportive, friendly, knowledgeable and completely professional group. My special thanks to Kathleen, Mike H. and Chris.

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