Remember Recess?

To the average person exercise looks pretty close to torture. With all of the heavy breathing, stress to the body, and repeating of it all, I can appreciate why. However, I would like to share what I know exercise can also look like.

Strength in Numbers

When I started our concept of group training way back in the early 2000’s, I honestly did so primarily as a means to leverage both time and money. You see, I had pretty much met my limit for one on one clients yet I was dissatisfied with my total income. So I determined to put my best foot forward in developing a group exercise program that would appeal to my one on one style of training so I could recruit some of my individual clients into a group option. The win was less cost to them and more dollars per hour to me. My first group had 5 participants, 4 of which had been 1 on 1 clients just the week before. The strategy worked.
What I didn’t realize though was how much camaraderie and motivation a group environment could produce.

It’s All About Making Lasting Memories

As I was trying to get up and out of the water first with a pair of skis on and then later with the surf board aptly named “Big Daddy”, I found myself visiting a common phrase I use with clients when they are learning a new skill at BodyBasics. The phrase is “groove the pattern”. What it means is simple.

Challenge Equals Change

The words we use can inspire or deflate. They can motivate or discourage. Words used by us, either internally or extended to others have the power to bring confidence or demise.

12 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

When you find yourself staring blankly at the ceiling at some ungodly time instead of sleeping soundly, you may think that is just the way it’s going to be. Good news! It does not have to be and you have a lot of say in the matter.

Read through these twelve tips for strategies you can start implementing today.

Why do we want you training heavy?

Training heavy, given proper awareness ALWAYS to form and function, counters the natural cycle of muscle loss leaving you more in control of your independence ultimately until the day you heart stops. It will happen. The question is, how long do you want to live an independent life before it does?

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