Who are our clients?

  • Our clients consist of everyday people who simply want to Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better!
    • 58% come to us seeking relief from back, hip or knee pain.
    • 31% come to us seeking to improve general health and quality of life.
    • 11% are referred to us from their health professional after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, neurological event or degenerative disease.
  • Our clients are educated, fun-loving people with numerous health and fitness goals who have decided that they are valued enough to invest in themselves.
  • Our clients have been challenged with improving their fitness on their own and recognize the importance of seeking out professionals who can give them tangible and measurable results.
  • Our clients do not want their health and fitness to stand in the way of travel, grandchildren, athletics , the rigors of everyday life and their very independence.
  • Our clients are our friends. We treat them with the utmost in respect and appreciation. Their time is valuable and we cherish the time they reserve to spend with us!

If you related to one of our clients, give us a call! We’d love to schedule a time for you to explore whether BodyBasics is the right fit for you.

Our number is 498-0359.

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